Spring is coming!  So is Re Opening!

We all approach this next step with cautious optimism, and with lots of questions. Here are the latest Spring Guidelines from the Diocese.

  • St Johns will continue with online services in addition to in person worship.
  • CONTACT TRACING no longer required.
  • REGISTERING to attend a service no longer required
  • Masks continue to be mandatory.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance to and in the nave of the church. We encourage you to use them.
  • CAPACITY LIMITS are lifted. All pews are open. Worshippers may sit wherever they are comfortable. Sidepeople will make provisions for increased space if so desired.
  • All singers and musicians must be masked at all times.
  • One speaker at a time may unmask for the purposes of liturgical speaking.
  • The collection plate is at the entrance to the church.
  • Exchange of the Peace will be by a smile, nod or wave
  • There will be no coffee hour after the services


These are the Diocesan guidelines and your wardens hope that you will feel comfortable in coming back to our church services in person. Welcome back.

Your Wardens, Sheila, Mike, Lynda and Ann.