Hello everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well and safe as COVID-19 continues to challenge us.  It was mentioned in our previous email about re-opening that the Diocese was working on a strategy concerning vaccinations.  Please see the links to the Letter to the Diocese from Bishop Andrew (Bishop addresses COVID-19-vaccination-in-pastoral-letter) and the Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy. (COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy (Sept. 2021)

In this policy, it states that all employees and volunteers over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated.  To this end, your churchwardens are required to visibly verify the proof of vaccination and record on a confidential tracking sheet.  We will be contacting our volunteers to meet this requirement. The deadline to complete this is September 30.

We strongly encourage everyone that can to get fully vaccinated in order to provide the safest environment.  However, proof of vaccination is not a requirement to attend a worship service.  COVID protocols (screening, masking, social distancing, sanitizing, contact tracing) remain in place to ensure St. John’s is a safe place.

Please take the time to read the information in the linked documents.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Ann and Rene