The first burial at Christ Church Lakefield took place in 1855 and the churchyard was used as a community burial ground until 1886.

It is here that many of the district’s early settlers were buried. Samuel Strickland and members of his family are buried here as well as people with names such as LeFevre, Lillicrap, Warren, Casement, Steele, Bowker, Dench and Hill. The burial records are kept in the church museum and many died when they were still young. There are 4 small crosses marking the graves of the Bowker children, 2 boys and 2 girls who died over a period of 6 years with the eldest only 2 yrs. old . In all there were 120 funerals but only 109 burials and many were not marked. A large black granite headstone was installed in 2005 listing all the names of people buried in the graveyard.

Over the years several of the stones needed to be repaired and through the work of the committee, restoration of the tombstones was completed. In 2017 a total of 35 monument stones were professionally cleaned with a biodegradable enzymatic solution that gradually ate away at the moss, lichens, grime and dirt leaving the marble white and much easier to read. Several flat cemetery stones that have been long buried have been uncovered and cleaned. The funds for activities of the committee which oversees the church and graveyard comes from donations and fundraising.