Rev. Munroe Scott is the incumbent of the Parish of Lakefield, serving St. John the Baptist Lakefield and two Chapels of Ease operating under the sponsorship of St. John's, namely Christ Church, Lakefield and St. Marks, Warsaw.

A Message from Rev. Munroe Scott

As priest of the Parish of Lakefield it is my great pleasure to serve amongst those who have a heart to proclaim the Kingdom of God in our community.  We are continually being challenged to seek out ways to fulfil the mission, "To Know Christ and Make Him Known." This is a wonderful statement of purpose, but recently we are being challenged to think of our mission also as "Reconnecting People with God Through Jesus."  In whatever way we say it, we understand that Jesus is at the center of our faith, and that to follow Him in purposeful obedience becomes our joy.  That obedience is reflected in the various activities that show up on this website week by week; mission trips to Guatemala, food bank, children's programs, discipleship activities, worship, study, fellowship, etc. 

We look forward to see how God is challenging us for the future and we invite others to join us on the journey of discovery.

May God bless you wherever you are!