Most of us have some insecurity about who we are. Often, we try to deal with that by putting on a mask to hide our identity. But, this just makes us feel more insecure.  To deal with our insecurity we often look for ways to find our identity or we look for ways to escape from our insecurities. Central to what it means to be a Christian is that we receive a new identity as a follower of Christ. Actually, through Christ, we become our true selves.

By following Christ, we not only realize what our true identity is, but we can change our lives to live out that identify. We abandon trying to seek the attractive yet hollow things the world offers and instead seek to bring glory to God in all that we do. For most of us, this is not an easy process, no instant conversion. Rather, we gradually make progress in living out our identity in Christ as we obey his teachings and strive to be more like him day by day.