We grow by becoming active participants in the ongoing Christian story. Jesus calls us to follow him and to imitate him. Therefore, we grow as Christians by surrendering our lives to Jesus and striving to obey his commands. We grow through prayer and reading the Bible. We grow through discussing the Bible with others. We grow through fellowship with others, by seeing Christ in every person. We grow through giving. We grow by humbly serving others.

There are many ways to become actively involved in life at St. John's. Many people actively participate in each Sunday service and there is always room for others. There are a wide range of groups and activities associated with St. John's that welcome new participants (e.g., book study groups, Anglican Church Women, the Chancel group, two different quilting groups, a creative arts group, a maintenance group, etc.) If you have an interest in an activity that we do not currently offer, perhaps you are just the person to start it up.

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