Christ Church Takes On New Look

Over the last several months historic Christ Church overlooking the Otonabee River on Queen Street has taken on a new look both inside and out.

New Look 02

Airen Froman of PaintBros paints in the window well of historic Christ Church.

Last November the Christ Church Community Museum committee hired the well-recommended Carol Jackson, qualified stone mason specializing in heritage restoration to complete plaster repairs. After removing the  water damaged plaster Jackson built up layers of historic mortar mixes. The end result gave us a smooth plaster finish.  We waited impatiently for the warm days of spring when Chris Mowry of PaintPros, our neighbour on Queen Street, to have his painters paint the interior with compatible paint using historic colours. Chris was honoured to work on this project and said “The church is one of Canada’s old treasures and a fine example of early Canadian stone architecture but more importantly, it’s a great example of community. The people on the Church Committee do so much more to care for it for future generations. We took great pride in the project and think of it as a feather in our cap”. Both the plaster repair and the painting have been done with donor dollars and fund-raising initiatives.

New Look 01

Dan Borland stands high on the scaffolding as he paints the
historic 1853 church on Queen Street using warm heritage colours. 

In late May volunteers began to work on the gardens surrounding the church/museum. We were saddened when a major branch broke away from the very old crab apple tree at the entrance. Advised  to start another one to replace it we used a grant from Selwyn township to purchase a small tree.

 A grant from the Peterborough Horticulture Society made it possible for us to purchase new shrubs and annuals to replace the aging ones at the front of the building. We are grateful for the generosity of Scott Concrete for triple mix and mulch to give these plants a good start.

 In the last few days before the museum opens July 1st we are working on displays in Christ Church. We invite you to visit beautiful Christ Church to learn about its history, graveyard, and ongoing restorations, to view videos about the early days of the Village of Lakefield, become familiar with the many contributions of Col. Samuel Strickland and his Agricultural School, to learn about Lakefield, the “cradle of Canadian literature” and the works of Susanna Moodie, Catharine Parr Traill, Isabella Valancy Crawford, Margaret Lawrence and John Craig. Watch for the special display by Alan Brunger on “Warships on the Waterways”. A volunteer guide will be there to greet from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily from July 1st to September 5th.  We invite you to a service of Holy Communion on July 3rd at 9.00 a.m. For further information please call Gwen McMullen 705-652-3024.

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